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Dateam/pmSpeakerWorship LeaderDetailsBandComputerSound
17/12/2017 amSunday Club - Nativity Play   Aaron Andy Yvonne Stevie Colin C Gordon CRoss
17/12/2017 pmIan Morris Ephesians 6: 10-24 (Prayer Wars)Andy Aaron Andy Colin C Gordon CRoss
24/12/2017 amAll age Service with communion at closeColin P Aaron Andy John Garry Brenda RossJohn D
24/12/2017 pmCarol Service  Aaron Andy Colin C BrendaJohn D
31/12/2017 amAll age service with communion at close  Aaron Andy Yvonne Stevie Brenda CallumColin C
31/12/2017 pmHogmany Party    
07/01/2018 amWillie DicksonAndy Aaron Andy John Garry Colin C AliStevie
07/01/2018 pmFellowship Evening     
14/01/2018 amTBCMartin Aaron Andy John Stevie Brenda BryanRoss
14/01/2018 pmWillie McLeanElaine Aaron Brenda BryanRoss
21/01/2018 amTBCColin P Aaron Andy John Garry Brenda Gordon CColin C
21/01/2018 pmDVD - A. Begg (Psalms)  Gordon CColin C

Service: 17/12/2017 am